UCLA – 200 Medical Plaza Public Area Improvement

Project Info
  • Construction Date: Jan of 2018
  • Location: Los Angeles, California
  • Values: $6,000,000.00
  • Category: Critical Facilities
Project Details

Project Owner: University of California, Los Angeles

More Project Details

Interior improvements at Morton Medical located at 200 Medical Plaza, UCLA Campus.  Work includes improvements to Public Areas, including lobbies, corridors, restrooms and elevator lobbies on six upper floors.  Work shall be phased and occur primarily during off-hours.  The building will remain occupied and operational during construction.

First-floor lobby work includes new flooring, wall materials, furniture, reception desk, lighting, and wayfinding.  Alternate seating and a temporary reception counter shall be provided during construction. Building corridor and elevator lobby work shall include new flooring, wall materials, and lighting.  Hazards shall be minimized through signage and safety ambassadors as required. Public restroom work includes ADA and code upgrades, reconfiguring of HVAC/exhaust, new lighting and plumbing fixtures, toilet partitions, finishes and new hi/low drinking fountains.  Restrooms will be shut down one floor at a time with signage redirecting patients to upper/lower floors

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